CREA DIEM is a Management Consulting firm providing services in 3 core areas; Business Consulting, Company Development and Executive Search.


CREA DIEM addresses businesses which operate in strongly competitive growth markets with high transformation rate.


CREA DIEM can assist you in growing your business and enhancing your competitiveness by identifying and working with mission-critical issues that will have direct impact on the development of your company.


CREA DIEM partner with market-leading players and experts. This will add unique value to you as a customer.


CREA DIEM offers a comprehensive portfolio of services adapted to support your business objectives as well as your advanced recruitment needs.


"It is my ambition that you as a customer will see our operation as professional and having qualities such as business acumen - industrial knowhow - contractor experience. I look forward with excitement and assurance to the challenges that your commissions represent."


Göran Stendahl, Managing Director






CREA DIEM identifies and develops new business operations and develops established companies.


Today, knowledge and experience in the net-active economy, infocom and wireless communication are critical for the development of most companies.


CREA DIEM focuses entirely on the interaction between the market and your company. Real and long-term value growth is realized through innovative use of "New information technology" and "New Media/Channels" in combination with creative business behaviour. It is in the meeting point between these areas that interesting business opportunities appear.


The technology evolution over these last decades has provided us with abundant flow of new and (sometimes) worthwhile services. Technological innovation has created new substantial business operations, but has seen other businesses fold. Because in it’s core, business is not about technology. It’s about running a profitable operation that, to succeed in the long run, has to address market needs.


With a thorough understanding of both the technology and the market, CREA DIEM is poised to assist you in growing your revenue with a focus on market needs and profitability, using technology as an engine.


Core activities;


Revenue enhancing business development - Revenue enhancement, comes not just from more effective sales but also from market/product synergies; from placing existing products into new market segments or new/adapted product solutions on to your existing customer base. Innovation is said to emerge from the borderland between disparate market requirements and technological features. CREA DIEM helps you identify those connections.


Fundamentally market oriented programs - With an understanding of market segments and market dynamics, requirements profiles are built to include not just product features but pricing, packaging , brand values, market communication and more - all necessary to move your market.


Analysis, strategy, planning and execution - With vast operational experience CREA DIEM can orchestrate and manage successful implementation if so desired.




Get in touch with us for your advanced business development needs.


CREA DIEM, it´s all about business growth.



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Göran Stendahl(MD CREA DIEM) is accredited by the Institute for Independent Business and is part of the network of accredited Associates, IIB Alumni™. Since 1995 the IIB Alumni ™ has been operating in over 40 countries supporting Managing Directors and Owners of independent businesses around the world.


Only accredited Associates within the IIB Alumni™(around 6000 Associates globally) are qualified to provide the unique and highly successful IIB Business Support Programme™(BSP) to independent businesses.


The Institute for Independent Business (IIB) is a not-for-profit (non-profit) research, training and accreditation organization, it is not a consultancy.


Established in 1984 as the Institute for Independent British Business, the Institute was established to help Managing Directors / Owners (MDOs) of independent businesses - the majority of whom were asking for guidance and assistance.


Research carried out by the Institute and supported by numerous other academic institutions has highlighted the lack of independent and practical advice available to small and medium sized businesses. Building, running and growing a business is very challenging - and MDOs often find themselves immersed in areas for which they do not have the right skills or resources.


In 1991 The Institute developed the IIB Business Support Programme™ specifically to meet the needs of independent businesses. The type and level of support needed within the IIB Business Support Programme™ is customised to meet the requirements and objectives of each individual business.


The Programme is based on a proven model from which countless businesses across the world have benefited. In order to determine if a business qualifies for support, a meeting is arranged by an accredited Associate with the Managing Director/Owner/Proprietor, to confidentially discuss the opportunities and challenges facing their business. The first meeting is free of charge and there is no obligation whatsoever - it is a private meeting to review all aspects of their business.


If any ideas or improvement areas are immediately identified the accredited Associate may be able to point the business in the right direction for assistance there and then. In many instances the businesses recognize a number of areas in which support is required and the Associate will call on specialists within the wider community of Associates accredited by the Institute to help solve specific issues.This way practical advice that works™ can be made available to assist the owners and directors of small to medium sized business in virtually every way possible.






Take your first step to see if your business qualifies for the Business Support

Program™. Together with an accredited Associate you will be able to confidentially discuss the opportunities and challenges facing your business. Get in touch with us and arrange a free of charge, obligation-free meeting already today.



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No matter how good strategies and plans, the ability to attract, develop and retain key competences and top talents is of vital importance to any business and determines success or failure.


More than ever it is important to staff your team with the right competence, experience and with the right personal traits – recent studies show the cost of bad recruitment going up dramatically.


Recruitment is much about two things; naturally, on one hand it’s about selecting the right candidate with the right professional qualifications, but it’s just as important to understand the environment in which the candidate shall operate. This to ascertain that the candidate merges well with the company culture and adds value in that environment. Competence and culture.


The CREA DIEM team has long experience of qualified recruitment. That means that we have the network and the candidate resources providing the basis for an excellent match with the professional qualifications required. But beyond that, Crea Diem has the competence and know-how to analyze and understand corporate cultures and thereby the ability to match the personal qualities of the candidate, creating the foundation of a successful recruitment.


Understanding that every recruitment is specific we customize each assignment in cooperation with the client. Ethics and integrity characterize all we do.


With 2 consultants working on each assignment we gain efficiency as well as a broader perspective of each candidate.




Get in touch with us for your advanced recruitment needs.


CREA DIEM, competence and culture in focus.



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CREA DIEM stand for business acumen, industrial experience and contractor knowhow. We can transform an idea into reality.


CREA DIEM focus entirely on developing the client's business. We do this by helping our clients to identify, understand and act on complex issues affecting the development of the company and its profitability. We identify business opportunities and eliminate the factors that prevent clients from taking advantage of this potential.


CREA DIEM do not want any suboptimations but rather look at the operation model in its totality. This is to avoid that the productivity gains "disappear" on the way to the end customer, i.e. the customers' client.


The work method of CREA DIEM can, in a simple way, be described as follows: CREA DIEM´s starting point is the client's own description of

his/her situation, strategic plan and his/her goals. CREA DIEM make their own evaluation based on the knowledge about trends and changes which lie inside the frame of CREA DIEM´s know-how and specialization. CREA DIEM puts together an analyze team consisting of experts from various fields which is considered most suitable to understand this business and possible alternatives for action. Together with the client CREA DIEM chart what this means and how a transformation can be made in a cost effective, safe and controlled way.
































CREA DIEM core competencies reside in business development and management.


4M:s define our expertise


Management – CREA DIEM has extensive management experience. Our collaborators have backgrounds in diverse management positions, providing strategic and operational competence as well as profitability focus.

Mobility & Media - CREA DIEM has a solid experience of the wireless world. Having managed businesses within cellular system technology, mobile datacom and W-LANs. But the buck doesn’t stop there. mobile internet, m-commerce and new media/channels are also part of our know-how. We have the full understanding of both what the technology can do but also what is viable from a commercial standpoint.

Market - With a solid understanding of market dynamics and behaviour, CREA DIEM can provide consultancy and advice related to mission critical aspects such as positioning, business model, sales and product/service offering etc.


The Right Resources - when needed


CREA DIEM recognizes that your requirements may go beyond our expertise. We have therefore structured a network of partner companies providing services supporting:


  • the product provisioning process; technical due diligence, product development, system integration, project. management etc.
  • marketing & sales process; quantitative and qualitative market analysis.
  • corporate issues; financial due diligence , funding, business law(IPR).


The combination allows for a very competitive cost structure while being able to provide a full service portfolio if and when needed.





Certain CREA DIEM services imply that delivery is provided through a specialist or line strenghtening.


Still, in most cases the delivery is provided as a customer project or programme. That is the safest way to reach cost efficiency, cost control and high quality.


The project set-up is adapted to the customer to give the best results in each case. It can involve providing a complete project or that CREA DIEM agree to assist in the customer's project providing certain results inside specific limit.


The choice of project organisation is of utmost importance both for the efficiency of the project, the quality of the results as well as how well these results will be used. Project and work method is therefore a high priority field for CREA DIEM.


CREA DIEM has access to project experts, who can help us with a number of critical areas such as -

• Work methodology and process

• Project (a professional project company takes responsibility for running a total project or subproject)

• Quality assurance / certification

• Information

• Performance monitoring (definition - quantification - measurement / monitoring - correction)


CREA DIEM never suggest any revolutionary changes. A CREA DIEM projekt moves progressively forward and gives full freedom of action to all parties to test every step based on businesslike grounds. In this way the client can approach new business possibilities in a controlled way.























Note. This information is not applicable to service area Executive Search. Executive Search follows specific processes and tools that are different from the processes and tools used in the service areas Business Consulting and Company Development.







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